Monday, March 14, 2011

Too Much Lasagna and Ice Cream! Way Too Much!

Brock is still getting know the area and the people in Klamath Falls.  It looks like he and his companion are blessed with people looking for the peace and joy of the Gospel.

     We visited with Morgan and talked to him , his brother and sister and had a lesson with them.  It went pretty well!  We just talked about the Restoration and what it has done for us along with the Plan of Salvation!

     On Thursday we had interviews with president.  He pretty much told me to expect a greenie in May when Osborn goes home! Haha! Great!  The DL and training!  This will be interesting, but fun. It will hopefully start to warm up.  Lately (2 weeks ago) we have been getting pounded with snow. We're not allowed to drive in the snow if its bad like it has been. We have just been walking every where knocking on doors.

     We picked up two new solid investigators,  Sister Lopez's husband.  Sister Lopez is a recent convert to the church and now her husband is taking lessons in Spanish! :) And we're teaching Juan another Spanish investigator.  Yesterday we picked up a guy named Cole.  He is probably early 40's late 30's and we have a return appointment with him on Friday.  They all came to church this weekend so it was good.  We had 6 investigators at church along with some less active families, so the work is moving forward!

     On Saturday we ate at the Phillips' house.  Brother Phillips is the ward mission leader. Really cool guy!  His wife is a great cook!  I was stuffed!  After we ate lasagna,  Brother Phillips thought it was funny because I ate so much that he loaded my desert plate and made me eat it!  It was like 6 scoops of ice cream and two huge brownies.  I felt like throwing up! Haha! But it was funny! After we got home that night i did p90x ab ripper, 3x in a row along with some other ab work outs. When I got in the shower I threw up.  Haha!  But it felt so much better!  I just laugh about it!

     Friday we taught Nik Parazoo and other recent converts.  Nik is doing pretty well and has a really strong testimony.  On Tuesday and Thursday night we went on splits and visited a lot of people!  The work is moving forward and that's all that matters! :)

     We broke the news about the Jazz shipping off Deron Williams:

     I can't believe they traded Deron Williams! Wow!  I am shocked!  That's insane!

But oh well.
I love you.  Have a great day and week.
Love, Brock!

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