Friday, March 25, 2011

Daniel and Daniel. Double The Blessings!

Elder Bird on a break along the
Willamette River last fall.
     We did our usual work this week.   We met with Cole and set a baptism date for the 21st.  We just had a few really good lessons with him, and he is really grasping everything very well.  We're also teaching his son and he too has a date set!  So that was cool!
 Annie is doing better since her bypass surgery.   We still visit her but are giving her time to recover before we start teaching her again!   Sister Lopes' husband, one of our Spanish investigators, is doing really well.  Just need to get him to church more consistently before we let him get baptized!

Tonight we will meet with two guys who have been coming to church that we thought were members but actually aren't.  Haha!  I think both their names are Daniel so it will be interesting.  We're going to set a date with them tonight!  All in all, we're working pretty well with members and going on splits twice a week, so it's all good! \
 Hope all is well!  I love you guys.  Stay safe!
 Love,  Elder Bird!

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