Monday, February 28, 2011

Flashback, A Stabbing, Surgeries and Missionary Work!

     Things are alright here!  Just working as usual.  We did teach a less active guy who was in the military and has killed several people (in military action).  He was a marine and has tons of medals, but he has been struggling.  This week he had a flashback while he was sharpening his knife and stabbed himself in the stomach.  So the police took him from his family because he was a threat to them.  I guess they took all his guns and knives.  Everything is better now.  He is back in his house with his family, so that is good.

     Thursday we went on splits and I was with Brother Smith.  He's a really cool guy. 

Klamath Union High School in Klamath Falls.  Brock might
do some training with the football team here on his P-days.

     He is the Klamath High School football coach and told me I can work out with him in the mornings at 5 and run routes with the team on Mondays! :)  We went to visit several people.  One was Guy Baker, a less active member who has a form of Terrets so I just talked to him and gave him a message about faith and how our Heavenly Father can bless us as we go to church and follow the commandments.

     Our investiggators with dates are doing well.   But it's weird they are all in surgery.  Haha!  Annie went into surgery today and Morgan's mom went in on Saturday, but we were able to give them blessings and comfort , I guess.  We will be meet with them this next week and set dates! :)

    The weather here is alright!  It's just been snowing and we just deal with it!  But it is good to see the sun now! :)

     Love you,

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