Thursday, March 31, 2011

Temple Visit And New Companion

Brock at the Medford, Oregon temple.  The day he was named district leader
Brock and the other elders in his district went through the temple with President
and Sister MacDonald.  It's a great blessing to have a temple close by.
Brock with his new companion Elder Roberts.
Elders Mcmakin, Roberts, Osborn and Bird.
    Tuesday night I got my new companion Elder Roberts.  HaHa...his feet are thee worst smelling thing known to man, but other than that I really like him!  He has 4 months left on his mission and we get along really well!  During the day Tuesday we didn't do much but take pictures and send off the other missionaries to their new areas and get our new comps.
    We taught the Rorabauckers, members of the church, but they haven't been active in awhile. They started reading the Book of Mormon again and realized their ideas and the things they were doing weren't going to cut it!  They've decided to make changes in their life for their own salvation. That was cool to see the change in them.  They did come to church so that was good!
    On Thursday I had stake correlation with the stake president and zone leaders.  That's where we let the stake president know of everything going on in all the wards in the stake!  I also had to plan for district meeting the next morning.

    Friday we went to visit some part member families and less actives.  Saturday we had an appoinmtent with Cole.  Man it was frustrting because he would just accept what we were teaching and then turn it into his own thing. We finally just left it there and we'll teach him again later this week.  Other than that he is pumped for baptism!  He gets married the morning of the 20th and baptized in the evening the same day. (4/20!)  The two Daniels are also stoked for baptism.    
    Oh and Saturday we ate at the Hansens and Sister Hansen is like crazy with coupons!  She has a lifetime supply of everything that she gets for free and sometimes she'll buy nothing and actually come home with money!  "You need to teach me how to use coupons, " I said.  So she gave me like a lifetime supply of deoderant, body wash, and face razorz! I was stoked about the razors because they are expensive!
    I love you a lot dad!  Let me know if there is anything I can do for you! :)
   Love, Brock!

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