Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not Even Food Poisoning Will Hold Me Down! (Well, maybe for awhile.)

     Brock is busy teaching several people in Klamath Falls and was just called as a district leader.  He says it's a big responsiblity but we're sure he'll rise to the opportunity.

Elder Bird always manages to put an arm around
his missionary buddies.  This is at a recent zone conference.
     Tuesday we drove an hour and a half to zone conference.

  I got to see all my buddies from previous areas and the MTC, so that was fun just to talk with them. 


Elders Peterson, Bird and Lewis at another conference.
      As you may know I was bedridden with food poisioning for a couple of days. I am just barely gaining my appetite from the sickness, but I am doing better now!       Friday we taught Cole.  He is a really cool guy!  He lost his wife awhile back but has really come out of his shell and is starting to grasp onto the important things and getting closer to us. He is awesome!  Sometimes he goes off on random tangents.  He takes meds for anxiety so you can imagine! Haha!

      On Saturday we taught these two kids.  They're both named Daniel!  They are really cool!  One just got out of jail and doesn't know how to read, but is really sincere about getting his life back and learning about the message of Christ.  He is really funny though,  because his mind kind of wanders and he says things that are crazy.  The other Daniel is cool.  He plays ball and kind of relates to me.

     I  look forward to this new position (district leader)the Lord wants me to fulfill,  so I will do my best! :)

I love  you,
Elder Bird

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