Monday, March 14, 2011

Stacking Up The Dates!

Inspirational shot of Elder Bird looking across the
Willamette River near Albany, Oregon.  Shot taken
in his last area, but we wanted to share it.
     Alright, we set a few dates with some people.  We reset a date with Annie Servantez for the 27th (March) but we don't know if she will be able to due to her bypass surgery this last week.  When she is ready she will get baptized!  Just all depends on her health, but she is still spiritually good and has been reading and praying and knows that it's true!  So that's always good! :)  Um, about Cole, we set a date for him on the 27th too.  He really wants to get baptized and knows the church is true.  He is funny and has a lot of off the wall questions which I like because I don't know the answers to them but the Spirit always directs me in a way to answer them correctly. But Cole is a great guy and is loving church! His wife passed away a few years ago and he is having a rough time but is excited about the Plan of Salvation and the blessings that come from it and the temple work he will get to do for her!

     Another person we visited this week was Henry Peterson.  He has been less active for two years because of work and looks into a lot of churches and like Cole, has off the wall questions.  But he says he's being directed towards the LDS church, so we talked about that for a while and explained the Spirit again.  By the end of the lesson he was ready to quit smoking and prepare for the temple.  He also showed up to church on Sunday. That was cool!  We're just going to keep working with him and help him stay on the right path.

     As for Morgan and his brother and sister, they are progressing slowly but progressing. We're gonna have a sit down talk with their mom because she isn't doing what she should and isn't being a good example.  That's where we are now! As for Nik Parazoo he is way solid!  Very active and loving the Gospel!

Love, Brock!

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