Monday, February 7, 2011

Talking To The Dead!?

     Monday I chipped four of my teeth and I have an appointment to get them fixed on the 31st.  Haha! Good stuff!

Elder Bird and Elder Otteson on a split.
(This is pre-chipped teeth!)

     How's that for a greeting?  Brock apparently had a rough basketball game.  He and his companions play quite often with non members.  He took one for the team!

     So on Friday I went on splits with the zone leaders out in Corvallis.  It was fun!  I was with Elder Blackburn. He goes home in 2 weeks on the 8th!  We met a lot of people and taught several lessons. I was there with him during his correlation with the AP.s. It looks like I am either gonna stay and train or leave and train and become a district leader somewhere. But who knows! Haha! But it was fun! we ate at Subway for lunch with the mission leader out there. He is way cool. His name is Chris, a military guy.  I have known him since I got here.

      The "visa elder" (Elder Lewis) who is stuck with us is a cool kid and we really get along.  You will also see him in a few videos!

     This week we met a lot of people!  A few girls up in Corvallis with Elder Blackburn.  They were really cool.  We ran into them while tracting.  They invited us in and we just talked about the gospel and they said they would come to church the next day and check it out.  So that was cool to see and meet legit people! They asked us what we missed the most and  we both said our famlies! Hahah! :)

     On Tuesday we met a guy who was an inventor for HP! He was really smart but one of those guys who is too smart for his own good.  He created a printer that can put out a full color picture in under a second.  And he had a 3D TV back in 1970 haha! But he wanted us to read these books and then read the Bible and the Book of Mormon and then come back and see him.  Then he would teach us how to talk to our dead relatives! He talks to his wife and dog all the time! :) Haha!
That was a funny story! 

      This week we taught Caley, Jordan, the Vaughns, and a Shelly and her family, along with Andrea, and a few people over in the singles ward!  Caley is doing great.  She is praying on a date to set herself for baptism.  as for Jordan she is as solid as they get! She is getting baptized next weekend because eveyone is out of town this weekend. haha!  She is just like a golden nugget!  The Vaughns are doing great.  Shelly and her family have been really grasping on to the Gospel! It's definitely helping them.  You can tell!  Andrea is doing awesome too.

     Yesterday we had a lesson over at the Halladays.  They are a super cool family in the ward.   I am way close to them.  Oh and yesterday they had like 20 kids in nursery and two people to watch all of them, so they had us go in and help.   It was so fun, especially since I know all the kids. I enjoyed it! We just played games with all of them.  They are one to three years old. Jackson just followed me around and he was like,  "Can I be you when I am older?" I told him no, that he can be better! :)  He then told me, "But I wanna be you, Bird! :) Haha! He was cute! He is the son of the Wards! Brother Ward's wife is Brother Halladay's sister! Haha! It's funny.  I am tight with everyone in that related family! But it's good! They all have the cutest kids! :)
that's pretty much my week!

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