Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting Acquainted

     Klamath Falls is alright.  It's a lot like Utah and is a really small town but it is really spread out. Kinda reminds me of a mix of St. george and Logan. Weird, I guess!  Our apartment is pretty nice. It might be the biggest in the mission.  It is about the same square footage as my apartment in college, so you can imagine the size for two people which is nice.

     My new comp is Elder Osborn. He is really cool.  Born in Mexico but is from Florida!  We get along really well but too bad he goes home in 11 weeks.  The other elders in our district are Elder Stewart, a kid I came out with and Elder Mcmakin.  They are so funny!

     Tuesday I got transferred and didn't get to Klamath until 12:30 in the morning so you can imagine how tired I was haha!  We stopped in Eugene and just chilled with President MacDonald.  We met some of the new eklders just coming in. Haha!  They all looked so scared!  I hope I never looked like they did, which I don't think I did! Haha!  Come to think of it I was probably in the fetal  position!  JK! 

     Thursday we went to visited several people.  Most of them I am still trying to remember their names.  We are teaching a kid named Morgan who will get baptized. He is eleven and a pretty cool kid I would say.

     Friday we had dinner with the Nashes.  They are a really cute old couple and very nice.  We got along great with them.  Then we visited Nik Parazoo, a recent convert.  I just talked to him about things and tried to find what he needed.  Really nice kid.  JUST STRUGGLING BECAUSE HE HAS TWO KIDS AND HE IS ONLY 18! That would be tough but he is changing his life around so I am happy for him.

     Church on Sunday was weird because noone was there!  It's so small down here!  It's like the ward should just be a branch.  \But Elder Osborn told me that a lot of people were gone this weekend. We ate at our ward mission leader's house.  Dinner was good. We had chile and cinnamon rolls!  I was so hungry.  They are really cool people!

     I will be teaching a lot in Spanish, and it's mainly for the summer while there's large population of immigrants who come to pick berries and work on the farms. My comp is a Spanish elder so I have to learn it anyway.  Pres said it will be good for me and explained they are doing this to cover more ground throughout the mission to reach out to the Spanish speaking people.  It probably won't be permanent, though.  So yeah, I am learning! 

     Hey, it's supposed to snow this week so it will be fun! Haha!  I love you! Hope your week is awesome! :)
     Brock was right.  Southern Oregon has had its share of snow as you can tell by this image from the local TV station.  Many customers experienced power outages!  Brock should feel right at home!

Love, Brock! Your one and only son! :)

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