Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A New Missionary Sport Called "Prossball!"

     We did do alot of finding and were blessed with some people!  A woman from Italy.  She is older. Her name is Lucia Tyler! She was really nice and wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon! :) So we told her we would meet with her when she got back from her trip. It was interesting to see how the Lord tests us.  We knocked on the doors of the whole neighborhood and the last door was the one that wanted to hear our message!  Talk about patience and enduring to the end with the Lord!  That really taught me to never give up! :) He is just testing us to see if we are ready to teach the people he has prepared for us!

     This week we went on splits with the Spanish elders.  Elder Rivera stayed in my area with me. We taught Andrea. She is really cool and has come to know that the Book of Mormon is true!  She definately has been prepared by the Lord.  She has been praying for answers, and what we have taught her has been an answer to her prayers! :)  It was cool to see her read the Book of Mormon and just have it make total sense to her!

     We're going to pick up Tony Reynolds again.  His wife really wants us to teach him and the Spirit has influenced me that everything will work this time, so we'll give it a shot! :)

     We went on splits on Wednesday and Tuesday to find people.  We came up with a few potential investigators but no promises. As for Jordan,  she is doing great!  She will get baptized this weekend! So that will be great to get her in the water. 

    We have leadership training on Wednesday so that will be cool!  I have to prepare to teach a 2 hour class in front of president.  It will be interesting! :) Haha!

Elders Lindsay and Bird in their apartment.
Notice the football on the desk.  Apparently it's
always on hand for a game of "prossball."
    On Saturday we just visited some former investigators and less actives. 
 We also played some "prossball." We challenged these kids to a game of football, 3 on 8, and if we won they had to listen to us! We played and won! They sat and listended.  Haha! It was all good!

    Yesterday we had church, went and got some eggs from the Minks, and then had dinner at the Mortensens, then cake and ice cream at the Burtons.  It was cool.  Then we rushed over to the Vaughns for a lesson! :)

    This week we have all been sick.  It's like one of us gets sick so the other two just have to sit and study and then once that person is better another is sick. I am still a little sick right now, but hey I am doing a lot better.  We did the best we could with managing rest and work! :)  I am just focusing on getting people in the water this weekend! :) Hope everything works out well. 

Willamette Park in Albany,left partially under water
from heavier than normal rain.
   The weather here has been nice lately, 65 and sunny!  Weird!  That motivated us to get out and work while we were sick! :)

     I hope all is well dad.  I love you!
     Stay strong and enjoy life!
     Love, Elder Bird!

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