Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Six Month Mark!

Elder Bird and Elder Kirkham came out together and celebrate
six months in the mission field with a tie burning ceremony.

In some ways it's gone by fast, at other times it seems like an eternity. On February 4th Brock will hit the sixth month mark, and he's spent all that time in Abany-Corvallis.

     It looks like he commemorated the milestone a little early with the customary tie burning, while Brock's companion burned a shirt for being out one year.

Elder Bird watches Elder Lindsay's shirt
go up in flames.

Elder Bird and Kirkham each have
one less tie in their wardrobes.
         I will fill you in on a few things.  Today we picked up another elder! Yes, we're in a threesome now. Ugh! But he is cool. His name is Elder Lewis form Mesa, Arizona. He is going to Brazil, but doesn't have a visa yet so our threesome is only temporary. Haha!  But yeah, we picked him up this morning at 7.

     Tuesday we went on splits with the Spanish elders and got a lot done.  We met a woman named Andrea who had been really struggling and has been praying for help and guidance.  She was about to give up on everything and then we knocked on her door and we told her we were from the church and she just started crying.  It was kind of awkward at first because she gave us hugs and then she invited us in and we talked to her and set a date for the 29th! Pretty cool,  so we have been teaching her and her family.  Pretty chill!

     On Wednesday we taught a couple lessons to people but did mostly finding.  We taught Caley and Jordan and just talked to people all day! 

This is from a recent zone conference.
Elder Bird with his mission buddies!
Elder Bird with Elder Blackburn who goes home
in a few weeks.  "We are way tight," Brock says.
    Thursday we had district meeting all day and then went to the Vaughns for a lesson.

     Friday we did some more finding. We did 17 total hours of finding this week! Then we taught Jordan.  She is sick! She is way stoked for baptism and asked us, "Can I just do it tomorrow?" Haha! It was funny!

     Saturday we visited some less actives and some former investigators.  One was Shelly Chapman and she was way happy to see us.  She wanted to set up an apointment to be taught right away.  She said the next day they were going to a funeral for her 8 year old son's best friend and he was really down and emotional about everything.  We just talked to him!  He told us he wouldn't have anyone to go hunting with or play basketball, or baseball with! :( I just wanted to give the little kid a hug he was so cute! So we talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and his mom loved that.  We are going over tomorrow to teach them! They are way sick!  She has 3 boys, they are all pretty legit!

     Yesterday we went to church, taught Jordan, and went to the Oberfoells.  She is from New York.  Really tight person.  I am way close to her and her family.  They made us dinner and we hung out there for a little while and then went home.

Speaking of P-day, hanging out on the coast at Lincoln City
recently looks more like a dream vacation.  Elder Bird says, "It
was pretty nice, just really wet."
     Right now I am in Corvallis about to play ball with everyone, and then we will go shopping. That's about it for my P-day!

I hope you have a great day and week!  I love you and hope all is well!

Your son, Brock!

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