Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tacos And Trials, All In The Life Of A Missionary!

Elder Bird's bike.  Luckily they have a car
when the cold coastal rains hit!
      We told Brock about the non-stop snow and cold in Utah, but he just might have us beat, since it's hard for him to stay dry living not far from the Oregon coast!  We also had to break the news about the outcome of the BYU-Utah football game.   

     Well, I have heard all about the BYU game and the weather in Utah!  Man, I wish i was able to go snowboarding! Dang! That sounds like some good serious stuff.  As for here,  the weather isn't too bad right now.  I am in a t-shirt and shorts, but when the humidity hits that air and wetness goes straight to your bones! Geeze!

     This week was kind of a slow one, but we still found some cool people.  We're teaching a guy named George who is really smart.  He has alot of knowledge from the bible but doesn't have strong faith to go with it.  He is having us over for dinner with his family so it will be interesting.  He has a problem with his brain, like he has permanent migraines.  He has a medical card to smoke weed so we will see how it plays out. Hahaha!

     The Vaughns did not get baptized.   Te kids are completely ready for it but Iguess the mom isn't so the bishop wants to hold off and wait a few weeks.  If she ends up not doing what she needs to do we will just baptize the rest of the kids without her. That's definitely not what we want to do!

     Tuesday night we went on exchanges with the zone leaders.  Within the first 5 minutes of our exchange I am driving in the car with Elder Ottesen.  He decides to slam on the brake while I have my Taco Bell in my hands.  Boom!  There goes all my food and drink all over the car!  So,  I am like ok, whatever!  Then we get to the institute building to teach a lesson to a kid named Nate!  I step out of the car quickly because we're in a hurry.  To my surprise I find myself in a 2 foot deep puddle of water! Yeahhhhhhh!  I was soaked!  So I go inside to the building and sit down for the lesson.  When I stand up and Elder Ottesen starts laughing!  Why?  Well, I am covered head to toe in dog hair! Where it came from,  no clue! Then I had probably thee worst sleep ever that night due to the mattress! Hahah! That's the life of a missionary!

     We helped Misti Jones set up her Christmas lights on Saturday morning and we taught the Prestons on Saturday too!  We also picked up 10 new investigators tracting and OYMing so we will see where those lead! 

     Elder Lindsay is really cool and we work really well with each other!  So it's all good!

     I love you so much!
    Love,  Elder Bird! :)

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