Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Whole Nine Yards

No secret.  Brock loves football, which he so willingly gave up to serve the Lord.  He's been greatly blessed for it. 
     But even while on his mission he gets a little taste of the game.  The district gets together for some P-day ball at Oregon State University.  Brock also had the opportunity to run routes with some of the college players.   

     This week it's been pretty slow, but on another note, the Vaughns are getting baptized this upcoming Saturday because we did not realize that stake conference was this week so we pushed it back.
     The really exciting news, Chris Vaughn's best friend plays for the Chargers and they surprised me this week with an autographed Antonio Gates jersey! Soooo sick!  He is also getting me an autographed helmet, football, more jerseys, and pictures of players! So tight!

     We found another family of 9 we're teaching now! They are the Petersons.  We will extend a commitment to baptism this week. Nuts!  And they are pretty solid! So I like that!

     As for this upcoming week we're going to the temple this Friday, so that will be cool! It will be good for me to get in there and pray! I am really excited to see the temple.  It's really beautiful from what I hear.
     I am looking forward to the baptism this weekend with the Vaughns and Ricky Garcia! That's our focus is along with 4 other investigators.

     I love you so much and I thank you for the example you are to me!

    Your little boy!

P.S.   Tell Abbie good luck at try-outs! Tear it up!

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