Sunday, December 19, 2010

'Tis The Season In Oregon!

Elder Bird in the holiday spirit in Albany, Oregon.
  It is weird that Christmas is right around the corner! :)

Brock next to his tree and presents from home.

     As for what's going on here? We set two dates! One with Devin, and one with Areilla! They are African American and way sick! We hope to get them baptized on the 18th.  As for other investigators, the Vaughns should get baptized this weekend or the next.  I am not holding my breath, but we are really working hard! So it's all good. 
The Vaughn family.  Elders Bird and Johnson have already
baptized three of the children: Angel, Venessa and Ricky.

     Caley is super excited to get baptized! I don't think I have met someone so primed for the commitment. It's been a spiritual week, even though no good stories.  No funny things!

     We have started playing basketball every Tuesday and Thursday with investigators at the stake center. And it works!  So many referrals and new people come who want to be taught.  I am happy I found something that brings the crowd to us to get some work going, instead of walking around in the rain having people shut the door in our face or say bad stuff to us on the street! Hahaha!

Football Talk!  (Oregon and Oregon State played in Corvallis with the Ducks ranked number 1)
     Oh yes,  I knew about that! The whole town was going crazy and the rivalry game was huge here.  The entire state shut down! It was funny because we went tracting during some of the game and every house had the game on.  It was like we didn't even miss any of the game except for when we had appoinments! :) Haha!
Another bit of Oregon scenery.  A nice billboard for the missionaries!
     Tomorrow we meet with president for interviews!  I look forward to his advice to help make me a better, more spiritual missionary! Can't wait to talk to you on Christmas! :)

    Your big boy! :)

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