Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A New Companion, New Investigator, And Ridin' The River!

     Hey Dad!  Things have been going alright. 

Elder Bird makes Christmas cookies with "Indy" Jones and
his new companion Elder Lindsay  from Logan.
   My new comp is Elder Lindsay from Logan, Utah!  He just hit his year mark on the 18th of this month.  He is a really cool kid!  I am glad he is here since I am kind of in charge and more familiar with the area.  We are never done working.  I just want to keep finding people so I am not stuck inside studying or out in the rain because it's cold!

     As for this week, we found a new investigator!  Her name is Caley, is 16 years-old and just had a baby a month ago.  She was a referral from a member. We taught her a couple times this week and she is scheduled to get baptized on December 4th!  I was pretty excited about that!  The Vaughns are still scheduled for baptism this weekend.  Hopefully it works out and iIam sure it will! :) We're going to be over there everyday this week to help them prepare, so it will be good for them!

     On Thanksgiving we have alot to do!  Three turkey bowls, we go to the bishop's house for dinner, and then make the rounds to all the families who want us to stop by.  Haha!

     That's nuts about all the snow in Utah.   I think I would rather serve in the snow than in rain!  In the rain you just get wet.  At least with snow you can stay dry! :)

     I hope you guys have an awesome Thanksgiving!  It's weird it's already Thankgiving.  Time flies!
I love you, wish you the best.  

    Your only son! :) Brock

     We thought we'd share a video Brock sent a couple weeks ago when the weather in Albany-Corvallis was nicer.  Some folks might try to walk on water.  Elder Bird and Elder Johnson put a spin on that by riding their bikes across the Willamette River.


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