Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Work Goes On, One Arm And All!

Brock isn't in this photo, but this is a cool shot of the Salem
Zone missionaries with OEM (Oregon Eugene Mission) carved
in the sandy beach.  Brock happens to be in the Klamath Falls zone, the most
remote zone in the mission, so he's nowhere near any beach, at least for now.

     I went to the doctor's and got my stitches taken out.  That was a relief due to them snagging on my shirt every second of my life! Haha!  But now that is not a factor.

     We went out and worked the usual standing on the street talking to people.  We did have a few appointments but they all managed to fall through! ( I hate it when that happens!)  It's been like 75 -80 all week so it definitely makes things nice!  Wednesday we hung out with the 5th Ward, got our phone fixed and then just went and visited a ton of people.  I came back and iced my shoulder and took my meds and just passed out!  For some reason I must have slept on it wrong and it just destroyed it! Haha!  That wasn't very pleasant, let me tell you! :)

     Thursday, as you know, we had interviews with the president. He told me 50/50 that I will be transferred, but more on the side of getting transferred.  I might have to stay here for my shoulder. After interviews we went on splits with the elders in our ward!  I went with Brother Phair and Elder Roberts went with Brother Bassard.  We visted a lot of people.  One family we're teaching is the Fegosos.  They are doing alright but they keep promising us they will come to church but they never do.  They are super funny though about the excuses they make.  Hah!  We'll keep working with them.

     We also saw the Zumwolt family.  They actually showed up to church this Sunday and loved it! He is a really cool guy.  He was in the Air Force and they have two young kids. The dad, Josh is a member. His wife is not.  He just wants to go back to church and see if it can help their family, which we know it will.  

      Yet another family is the Rohabackers.  They are a less active family but since we have been teaching them they have come to church and are very active now! They do love church it really has helped them with their struggles.  They are in a lot better shape than when we found them! :)

     Saturday we taught the Dockeries.  They are going through a tough time right now.  Bill's sister just went to jail and his wife's best friend is now in the hospital so we just pretty much told them if they need anything to give us a call and that we would be there!

     Later we went and retaught the Fergosos The Restoration and just talked about baptism.  They set their baptism date for the 28th of June!  It will be cool and and an awesome experience for them!

     Saturday night we ate at the Browns.  He makes the best food I kid you not! He really does! I hope to be as good as him one day! :) Haha !  Then we had correlation with our ward mission leader Brother Phillips! Sunday we were at church and had dinner with the Potters.  They are a really cute family. Their daughter and son are like 5 and 4 and they are just super cute and sooo talkative! :)

Elder Bird

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