Monday, June 13, 2011

Pitbulls, Drunks and Great Lessons!

     Things are going well here!  Work's been good and that's what matters to me.  I do want to thank you for everything you guys do for me, and the love and support you give me! It means a lot! :)  My shoulder is great and I should be out of the sling this week!  I have full range of motion and I am very mobile, so the shoulder is fantastic! :)

My week:

     Tuesday we had a lot going on.  We taught a lot and did a bunch of finding!  We ran into a crazy drunk guy who was saying there were demons everywhere!  He was just trippin' out.  Aside from that, we taught the Fergosos and had a "family lesson" with them, kind of like a family home evening.  They were super excited for church and everything and it was just all around a good lesson.  We went through the ward list and visited a bunch of less active members!  Some were interested and said we could come back, but most of them just kind of didn't want anything to do with it.  But hey, gotta still love them!

This is an LDS chapel in Klamath Falls with
the Articles of Faith on the front of the building. 
    From Tuesday to Wednesday night I went on exchanges with 5th ward missionaries and we had some fun! I was with Elder Stewart!  He came into my area and we visited with Annie Cervantez.  It was really good to see her again!  She has been struggling a bit just because of her health issues.  She is the one who has had surgery on like everything. But she is doing better and is up and about now.  She is unable to come to church so we worked out a deal where we can go over and give her the sacrament and teach her a lesson Sundays! :)  She was super excited and is ready for baptism!  We also went and visited Morgan Lamprech and his family.  He is the 12 year old who had a date but just didn't want to do anything.  He stopped going to school.  For me it looked like he had totally changed his life around and is now going to school, listening to his mom and is wanting to take the missionary discussions again!  So it was an over all good experience with him!

     Thursday we went on exchanges with Brother Ravoir!.  He is a really cool guy!  He has this little Honda Prelude that he bought for 500 dollars and oh my heck it was ridiculous!  We were crammed in the car!  But it was funny.  We went and visited the Zumwalt family, a part member family and taught them about the sacrament.  We tweaked the lesson so their younger kids could understand and they just absolutely loved it!  It was pretty sick!  We also stopped by to see several other people and visited with them.  One of them was a girl named Amanda Dahl.  She is a member and lives with six girls and we got to talk to her a lot about religion.  It was just a good discussion and we are going to start teaching her roommate Kristy, so it was pretty chill!

     Friday, we had district meeting.  It was a really good one!  We just had an open discussion on a lot of things.  Everyone loved it and got a lot out of it for their areas and investigators, so I was happy to be a part of that and help the other guys out!  

     Friday night I exchanged with Third Ward and I went into their area with Elder Barker, a really cool kid!   We helped some people move! Haha!  I moved the bare minumum, haha, due to my shoulder but we were there from 8 to 2:30!  We took lunch for about thirty minutes and then we headed off to a great lesson with a less active member in their ward on prayer and what it can do for us! We helped resolve some of her concerns! But she had these pitbulls and they were thee absolute fattest things I have ever seen and for some reason they were attracted to me!   While I was teaching the oldest, fattest one came out of nowhere and had just taken a drink of water out of its dish.  It decided to wipe his mouth all over me!  I literally had the whole left side of my pants drenched in nastiness of a dog! Haha!  I guess just one of those things! 

     Sunday we had 6 investigators at church! 

     I  hope all is well!  I miss you guys and hope you are doing well!  I can't believe Abbie's sophomore year is over.  That's nuts! Love you guys a lot!

Elder Bird!

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