Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brock Has Surgery. So Far, So Good.

     Brock had surgery on his hurt shoulder on Tuesday, May 10th (2011).  According to Sister Macdonald the surgery went extremely well and Brock was sent "home" to his apartment with his companion Elder Roberts.  Several hours after the operation Elder Roberts reported that Brock was still "loopy" from the anesthesia.  Sister Macdonald will give Brock permission to call us once he's feeling better.  He should be in a sling for 4 to 5 weeks and undergo physical therapy for 12 weeks or more.
Brock and Mom moments before entering the MTC.

      Meanwhile it was great to talk with Brock on Mother's Day.  He was able to talk for a few minutes with each member of the family which included his sisters Jaron and Abbie, brother-in-law Matt, Grandma Bryson, and mom and dad.  He says everything is going fine, although he says there are ups and downs to missionary life.  The following day (P-Day) he told us in an email, "THANKS FOR TALKING TO ME YESTERDAY!  IT WAS AWESOME!"  Brock said P-Day was crazy because he was running around trying to get things done while he still had two arms! In a day or two he will pick up where he left off.  He says they have six people with baptism dates, so he's excited about that.

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