Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The One Armed Elder!

     Elder Bird is now in a sling following his shoulder surgery.  He's down to just one arm for at least a month.  Here's what he had to say about it in his last email:

Brock with President and Sister Macdonald.  Their mission comes
to an end in July.  Sister Macdonald has kept tabs on Brock's
recovery and the President will have dinner with Elder Bird on
May 18th.  (2011)

     Shoulder is doing the best it can for right now, I guess.   Just icing and doing my part.  As for missionary work this last week I haven't been able to do much.   I got dropped off at a member's house to basically sleep and recover the first couple of days, while Elder Roberts went out and did the work!  Our investigators have been coming along, some quicker than others.  The Fergosos (family) did not make it to church this last week so I was  kind of  bumbed.

     I will be sure to send an SD card with photos soon!  (Yeah.  We'd like to see some "sling shots" of Brock.)
     Elder Bird!

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