Friday, April 29, 2011

Baptism Bucket Brigade

Elder Bird and his companion Elder Roberts had a baptism this last weekend.

Elder Robers and Elder Bird outside their apartment complex.
 Getting the font filled took a little more work than expected and was somewhat like what you might find in a foreign country:
     So Cole's bapstism did go through! :) It was a good and funny one, that's for sure!  To start the day, we went to the bowling alley to watch Austin Fergoso, Marcus' son, from the family we met at Wallmart, receive his awards.  It was really cool!  Then we came back, ate lunch and headed out to visit some people.  Around 3 we went to the Fergoso's for a lesson, then to the Zumolts,  a part member family we're teaching.  At 6 we went to fill the font and then headed to dinner.  But the problem was we didn't have the right keys for the church or the font! So we had to call the bishop of the 3rd Ward to get the right set.  Keep in mind it takes about an hour to fill a font!  Haha!  Finally we got the right set around 6:30, and it's suppose to start at 7! haha!  Oh boys! We started using trash cans, pitchers, buckets, anything we could to fill the font quicker.  Haha! Pretty funny to see if you were there.  We all frantically running around with anything we could find filled with water!  Even to our surprise, the font was full by 7:15.   We finished on time!  All in all, it will be one to remember!! (Cole was not only baptized last week but he also got married.  Congratulations to him!)

  I'm glad you guys had a good week and Easter!  I missed you but hope all is good!  Here's my week:
Tuesday we taught people and did some finding.  We did manage to find a family at Wallmart, as I mentioned earier.   They are getting baptized now!  So cool!  The mom's name is Marci, a really sweet lady.  She invited us over for dinner on Thursday, but before we get into that, she also has a son named Austin who ireally cool.  He is 15,  a little bit nerdy, but I love the kid!  He was so excited for us to come over and hang out with him.  He was like, "Yes, I finally have some friends. I kind of felt bad for him because he is a really cool kid!  Just no one gives him a chance.  They also have a daughter named Aries who is autistic and super cute.  She is in love with Elder Roberts.  She is always hiding form him and playing peek-a-boo! :) Haha!  The dad Steve is way cool.  He is a black belt in Tang Soo Do! I talked with him a bit about fighting and things like that.

     Wednesday we taught a lot of lessons.  We visited the Dockeries are a part member family. We invited Bill the husband who isn't a member to be baptized this week! So it will be interesting.

     Thursday we met up with Brother Phair and Brother Hansen for splits.  Both are really cool guys! Brother Hansen and I went out and visited the Rohabackers, a family we reactivated.  We also went to see the two Daniels.  They are doing well.  They have a few things to work through before baptism, but it's all good.  After those few visits we went to Cole's to go over the baptismal questions with him.

     Friday we had district meeting but it didn't start on time because the zone leaders lost the keys! Haha!  We had to got to our church so we kinda hurried and the meeting didn't start 'til 12 so we got out late like 2 and had lunch and hung out with the missionaries in the district.  That evening the zone leader and I did Cole's interview!   After he passed with flying colors we planned his baptism!

     On Easter we went to church, did some finding, and came home and put a pizza in the oven.  Good stuff, but that's my week.

Love you dad! Stay safe!

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