Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Letter!

     Brock is doing very well in Klamath Falls and loving the work. He might have shoulder surgery soon so we'll let you know how that goes. Here's a portion of a handwritten letter he sent us for Easter:

Brock sent this little Easter package to us including a couple
of bunnies, one stuffed, one chocolate.  He says, "Sorry! Only
had money for one bunny.  So share!  Besides, it's the thought
that counts!"

     Hey guys! Just wanted to say I love you and Happy Easter! I miss you very much. We have a baptism this weekend (April 23rd) and we're very stoked for it. Cole is getting baptized and married the same week. Awesome!

     We also picked up a family at Walmart yesterday. We're having dinner with them tomorrow! Very spiritual experience on how we ran into them there.

     I love the Lord and love the people we find and teach. They are amazing people and they all deserve the Gospel in their lives. That's why I do this! It's for them, not for me. I have some awesome guys (elders) to hang with down here as we serve the Lord.

I love you guys so much and wish you all the best.


Your son and brother, Elder Bird.

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