Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Minor Medical Miracle?!

     We got some good news this week from Klamath Falls.  Brock's shoulder is doing much better after many prayers and a blessing or two.  It looks like he will put off surgery for now, but at some point he'll need it, hopefully after he completes his mission.   We'll keep you updated.  In the meantime, it's been busy on the missionary front:

Families are forever!  We wanted to share this photo from his last area in Corvallis-Albany. 
Before he headed to Klamath Falls, he said goodbye to the Vaughns, a family he baptized earlier this year.
     This week has been a blur!  We taught all of our investigators:  Cole, Pauleen, Morgan, and the two Daniels. Unfortunately, Pauleen dropped us!  I totally saw it coming and wish I could have done more, but I guess it's a lesson Heavenly Father wanted me to learn!  I need to be more on top of things!  We'll still talk to her and we'll try to resolve her concerns. 

     President came to town this week and man it made things crazy.  I was doing all my normal missionary work plus the district business.  I had l15 meetings...with every bishop to discuss how the missionaries in their wards are doing.  Then I reported to president and the stake president.  It was nuts!

     Wednesday we spent most of the day finding people in the5th ward because they haven't had much success.  We picked up a few new investigators and that was good!  We went in early for the night to plan for president, the ZL's and the AP's for the following day.  So that was a lot of work! 

     Thursday we had president's training on how to teach people, not lessons.  I definately learned a few things over again that I could improve on.  That evening we went on splits and my comp Elder Roberts was very blessed because he picked up the Zumolt family.  I have not met them yet but it will be cool.  They are a part member family and are very interested and excited.  We have an appointment with them tomorrow so that will be good!

     Saturday we helped the Alston family move.  They were living in the 5th ward but are now moving into our ward so we helped them in the morning before it got to hot.  Later, we found a few new people to teach but not too promising.  We visited with Jean Erickson, a recent convert,  then headed to the Lamrecks house for a lesson.  They are struggling so we tried our best to help them out.  Just told them how coming to church, reading and praying are the small and simple things that can help so much!

     We had a great visit at the Phillips' house where we had dinner and correlated the ward's missionary work.  Sunday was a little busy and crazy!  We had extra meetings and all the good stuff!  At the Richards, we had this chicken that was to die for along with rice and a vegetable bowl that was ogh soooo amazing!  Then dessert.  We had cooked pineapple with ice cream!  Oh boy!

     I am so glad mom is doing well in Africa!  I miss her a lot!  Thanks for the updates.  Hope your week will be a good one!  I love you and hope all is well!

Love, your son.

Elder Bird!

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