Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back To The Drawing Board

Elder Bird and little Alex Vaughn.  Brock and
his compaion baptized his family and someday
Alex will have his turn!
After enjoying a wonderful holiday season blessed with several baptisms, Brock says he and his companion are back into the "search" mode for souls waiting to hear the Gospel.  From the pictures and letters we get from Brock, we can tell he really loves the people, and the children he gets to know.

 We have been doing a lot of finding and haven't seen much from it this week.  We are really pushing the members to start doing the work here so we don't have to do it all!  We came up with a program called M3 that is starting this Sunday, so we will keep you posted on how it goes.  Were basically teaching a missionary prep class for all the ward missionaries and how to get them to really start doing missionary work.  So it should be good!

Brock with his Oregon sweatshirt along
the coast at Lincoln City.  Has he forsaken
BYU and Utah??
 Caley is doing well.  We set her date for the 29th of this month!   It's just hard to get her to church because of her baby and everything, but she really wants to come, just things come up all the time.  So we try to be patient! :)  And Jordan is ready for baptism! We're just going to finish up all the lessons with her and talk to her and her parents about baptism.  She wants to get baptized really badly but her mom is the hold up.  We have talked to her mom and she was really nice and said she would support it. She just doesn't want her to rush into anything!

Today we got approved to watch the Ducks game, so we have all day off!  We're going to brother Dunmire's house to watch it in his theater!

Hope you have a bomb week! :)
Love your baby boy,

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