Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kick Off To The New Year!

Elder Bird and Elder Lindsay recently cruising
down a dark Albany alley.
     How's it goin'!  Things are going alright this week!   

    Friday we had a stake New Year's party with a bunch of drawings for prizes.  Haha!  One of those prizes was a PS3, haha!  Imagine that!  And guess who won the PS3?  Any guesses???? Haha!  I did!!  Wow!  I was shocked! !

    New Year's Day we woke up and played some football early in the morning.  It was freezing but way fun!  

Elder Lindsay, Tom Whalin and Elder Bird at their
New Years Day baptism!
     Then we had Tom Whalin's baptism at 4pm!  It was cool!  He is a really cool guy and he needed this in his life.  He and his fiance are getting married soon and sealed in the temple in a year and hoped I would still be here when they go through.  But we will see . Haha!  Doubt it though.

This is the Christmas baptism of four members of
the Vaughn family.  Brock has worked with
them for months and is really close to them.
      But now we have baptized everyone we taught.  We have a low teaching pool now so this week we're  focusing on finding new people!

     Caley's baptism should be coming up soon.  We have a few things to work out with her.  We have a solid invetigator named Jordan too!.  She is 16 and we're teaching her this week.  She has been to church for 5 months straight and wants to take the discussions and get baptized.   So it's always good to find Willy Wonka's golden tickets every once in awhile!
The four Vaughn's white Christmas!
Ina (mom), Sandra, Gabby and Sabina.

     Well, that's about it.  Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

     I love you tons!       
     Your boy Brock!

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