Sunday, December 19, 2010

Led By The Spirit. Right Place. Right Time!

Elder Kirkham on the split.  Notice, as usual,
the rain on the car's windows.
     Tuesday night to Wednesday night we went on exchanges.  It was Elder Kirkham and me. It was fun!  We taught some sick lessons and met some way tight people.

     We met one guy named Jerry Hansen!  So sad.  He got ex-communicated from the church a long time ago.  He told us, "I hated the church!" We had happened to stop by and this is how he greeted us:  "Oh my gosh!  I have been praying for you guys to come over!"  Here we are at his doorstep. He lets us in and tells us the most depressing stories ever.  One was about his wife.  She died a year and a half ago. He was crying the whole time he told his story. "Literally a part of me died that day!"  By that time time I just wanted to stand up and give this guy a hug!  I was like bawling my eyes out. I felt so bad and he just lives all alone!  
     He told us how he found his faith in Christ which became evident to him as he took his wife's ashes to the beach and spread them early in one morning.  He looked up and saw this really bright star.  It touched hims so deeply and he had never seen a star so bright.  So he went home and started to read the Bible! He told us how much he had hated the church and hated religion.  But he was reading the last chapter in Revelations that makes reference to the Lord who will become a bright morning star to the north.  He said Jesus was looking out for him that night! He gave me comfort!
     Jerry told us he started looking around at other churches and did a lot of searching and praying and he said all of them were cool.  But they were missing something!  The only church in town he hadn't been to was the LDS Church because he didn't want to go back.  But then all these little answers and signs started to pop up from the LDS Church and he was prompted that he needed to go back.  We, he says, are one of those signs! He did come to church yesterday and came up to us afterwards and told us, "This is the true church. I have no doubt in my mind! What do I need to do to get baptized?" I was like, WOW!  What a testimony builder. I enjoyed it, plus he took us out for pizza on Saturday.  He is such a nice guy! :)

     Friday night was our Christmas party.  It was fun! Nice to not have to work and just sit and enjoy some things for awhile!

Elder Bird and Elder Johnson stop by the Vaughns
on P-Day.  Elder Johnson has since been transferred
and unfortunately will miss the baptisms.
     This weekend we have 6 baptisms scheduled.
  The rest of the Vaughns! Yes, It's happening finally! They have had their interviews and everything has been cleared and the date and time is set! 6 pm! Yeah!  Saturday! Along with Caley! It's gonna be sick!

Can't wait! 12 days till I can call you guys! :)
Love, Brock!

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