Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pouring Blessings And Rain!

Brock says the weather has turned cold and rainy in Oregon, but as the rain comes down so do the blessings.  He and his companion Elder Johnson have 15 investigators now, including the Vaughn family, a family of seven:

As for the Vaughn family we have been helping them with some repairs to the house, so it's been a busy week! We have been painting, replacing doors, door frames and several other projects.  We have several more investigators!  I think our quota doubled.  We set three more baptismal dates this week so its been busy. We pushed back the Vaughn's baptism to November 6th because of Halloween and one of the kids was out of town so we want the family to be baptized together.  For November 6th we have 12 baptisms scheduled!  We'll see how it works out! 

This week nothing really wierd or exciting has happened. Winter has set in! It rains all the time and it's like buckets of water! I hate it! But, oh well.

We hung out at the bishop's house last night for an hour.   It was fun!  We just talked and read scriptures, so it was a little different.  That's another definition of fun out here!  Hah hah!

As for Reeser Stadium, we played inside their (Oregon State) practice facility and next time the football players will bring some corners to challenge me!  They were really impressed with my routes and hands! This kid who plays linebacker was like,  "Dang, kid! Come play for us!"  Haha! I just laughed. 

I hope all is well back home and that you stay safe and continue to choose the right!

I love you big guy (dad)! I will see you soon! Stay safe and stress free!

Your only boy! :)

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