Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lost In The Work

     These are times when the words "A Marvelous Work And A Wonder" come to mind.  Brock is having an amazing experience in Corvallis.  So many people are touching his life, and no doubt the Lord is touching their lives with the message of the Gospel.  It's exciting to see Elder Bird "lost in the work" as his testimony grows and as his love grows for the members and investigators in his area. 
     By the way, Brock is sending photos from his recent baptism, zone activities, a visit from Elder David A. Bednar, and the beautiful Oregon landscape.  We'll post those photos soon.  In the meantime, here's a slideshow from his days in the MTC and his letter from October 11, 2010:


Hey everyone! It's nuts! I am already done with my first transfer, only 16 more to go! Time flies by! This week has been everything from really busy, to slow, to rainy, to cold, to whatever! Ha ha!

We have a baptism this week on the 16th, 4 more on the 30th, and 2 the following weekend! So we stay pretty busy! We found a family of 8 this week. So crazy! They were praying for Heavenly Father's help and before you knew it, we were on their doorstep! :) Feels great! We will commit them to baptism tonight! We are going over there for dinner, so it will be fun! Her husband knows a lot of people, one of them being the Chargers GM! he said he is gonna get me an autographed helmet, and an autographed Antonio Gates jersey. He said if he wasn't able to get one before I left I could have his because he has a room full of autographed NFL gear! Soooo sick!

We also have been meeting with a lot of part member families. We're baptizing one this weekend! I am so happy for the family. They have been waiting forever for this! His name is Jordan Tranthum! Way cool kid. My goal before I leave this area is to baptize all the part members. It's interesting to see all these members come up to us and say how grateful they are because of the progress we have made with their family members. Well, I am still the same crazy kid, I have fun and goof off, but when it comes down to teaching and preaching the Gospel I mean buisness! Ha ha!

Catheline Reynold's huband is Seventh Day Adventist. They just got married and we have been working with him. We have taught him all the lessons but I was very blunt with him about keeping his commitments. He said he wouldn't come to church, but after I talked to him for awhile the whole conversation turned around and he was willing to come to church afterall! Catheline told me she knows God sent us to her husband for a reason, no one else could get through. It totally made my week!

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