Monday, January 9, 2012

Jelly Fish, Santa Imposter, And Dinner Surprise!

     The hoilidays are over, but you gotta see this!  Guess who?

Yes, this is Elder Bird filling in for Santa.  He helped deliver presents to boys and girls in
one of the Bend wards.
     The work continues to go forth in Bend.  Brock and his companion have been blessed and are preparing for yet another wonderful baptism.
     We had a lesson with Micheal Masters who is getting baptized this weekend! He is a really cool chill guy.  We have taught him all the lessons and now we're just answering his questions. He has had some concerns but everything is going smoothly and he really is loving church! :)
     Speaking of teaching, as zone leader Brock has the opportunity to work with and teach district leaders and other missionaries in his zone on a weekly basis.  Here he is at a recent zone leaders' conference.

Elder Bird with his companion Elder Lyon and President Young.  In this shot, Brock just finished instructing a group of
elders on "real growth."
      As a missionary, there are a wealth of stories to be told.  Brock shared a couple of them.  Here's one while on a "split" with one of the district leaders:
     We had a lesson with Marc Miller, a recent convert to the church! Really cool guy. There daughter is super cute, about 3-year-s old.  I taught her the jelly fish handshake and she always comes up to me and says, "Jelly fish!"  And we do the hand shake, haha! :)
     Another story, but this one is downright awkward:
     We had dinner with this family. It was the most awkward dinner of my life! Everyone was quiet, the food was... well,  I don't even know what it was! But their daughters we just staring at us. We would look up and they would look away!  Then the 14-year-old daughter apparently thought the dog was under the counter, but nope, it was my feet.  She kept trying to message them with her foot, and I was like, "Ummm.... that's not the dog, that's my feet.  She was super embarrassed, but it's all okay!  Hah!
     Finally,  we never knew Brock was a composer, choreographer and dancer. 

Elder Bird on the right cloaked in a "Holy Bible" and a cast of Elders perform for President and Sister Young at a
recent zone conference.  We're not sure if "We're Elders and We Know It" will hit Broadway anytime soon!


  1. This is Lyle & Faith Cooper, Layton, Utah. Our son Forrest was made a companion with Elder Bird just this week in Winston. How fun that you make a blog for him. It has been enjoyable to look through. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Lyle and Faith. It is great to hear from you. Brock told us via email that he was looking forward to serve with Elder Cooper. Forrest sounds like an exceptional elder. Brock said Elder Cooper was "born" in his zone (Bend zone) six months ago. We look forward to hearing more about your son! Thanks for checking out the blog.