Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brock Transferred to Winston!

Brock got the word that he would be transferred to Winston, a small town near Roseburg in Southwestern Oregon. He will serve as a zone leader alongside his new companion Elder Forrest Cooper from Layton, Utah:
     So, getting transferred to be a zone leader in Roseburg and will be serving in Winston with Elder Cooper who has been out 6 months!   I leave Wednesday!

Winston, with a population between 2,000-3,000 people
is next to Roseburg.  It is in a beautiful area with
magnificent water features and not all that far from the coast.

While Brock says he's looking forward to serving with Elder Cooper, it was hard to leave Bend where he became close to the ward members and the people he taught and baptized.
     Sunday was a bittersweet day.  It was fast and testimony meeting and the whole ward pretty much got up and shared their testimonies.
Elders Lyon and Bird with Thomas and Romey Baker on their baptism day on Thanksgiving weekend.
Just one of the many wonderful memories in Bend.
     They thanked Elder Lyon and me for all we've done for the ward and their families.  It was super emotional and super spiritual!  The Bishop cried when I told him I was leaving.  But it was a good Sunday because we had had a baptism!!!  A lot of people came!  I am very grateful to have served in this ward and area. I have learned so much and truly have experienced my own real growth in the process. The baptism was awesome!

Bend was also a great place for P-day activities.  How about snow shoeing?  Brock loved it!
      We look forward to hearing about more incredible experiences from Brock's new assignment in Winston-Roseburg!


  1. I enjoy coming back to your blog and reading more about the Eugene Mission. Brock was Forrest's first ZL when he arrived in the mission and was send to Prineville. He is so excited to serve with your son, I can't wait to hear from them today.

    Forrest is the 5th of our 7 children. He grew-up in Kansas until he was 10 and we moved back to Utah. Where does your family live?

    Thanks for all the wonderful information you post here.

    1. We live in Sandy and have three children, two girls and one boy. Brock is the middle child. Thanks for checking out the blog and I look forward to hearing more about your son as our boys serve together. Let's keep in touch!