Monday, October 3, 2011

Shining Shoes In The Bend Zone!

Elder Bird watches these bikers zip by during a race through downtown Bend.
(September 2011)

Brock says Bend might well be his favorite area so far and he really loves his companion, Elder Jensen.  Here's what Elder Bird has to say this week:

Elder Jensen and I teach really well together and have had a lot of strong spiritual lessons!  Everytime we teach we are reassured the Gospel is true, and it is!  Honestly we had really spiritual experiences with Michelle. Everytime we teach her things fall into place and is totally led by the Spirit.

My week has been crazy as usual. Tuesday we went out and did some tracting and met some pretty interesting people.  It's fun because we meet new people and hear their beliefs.  Later we had another lesson with Michelle.  She needs a lot of help in her life.  She related some of the experiences from her journal.  I wanted to cry because I felt really bad for her.  Our lesson went really well and she told us she could feel the Spirit.

Wednesday we did a ton of finding all day and had a lesson with Terry Johnson. Elder Jensen just got to know her and and we read from the Book of Mormon and she told us, "Honestly, I don't know how anyone wouldn't believe this book!  I know it's from God!"  Elder Jensen and I were like, oh yeah! 

Thursday we had our combined meeting which was way good!  We focused on Christ and what He did for us. It honestly was really good! :) Elder Jensen and I interviewed each missionary in the zone individually and shined their shoes for them!   We also had yet another lesson with Michelle, which was really good.  She asked us some indepth questions and we answered them in a way she could understand.  She told us, "That totally makes sense."Again I have to say Elder Jensen and I just teach really well together. 

Friday we had our weekly planning and then had dinner with the Valles family I baptized.  We had a lesson with them and read together.

Saturday we mowed our lawn and then had a lesson with Emily.  She's a recent convert and we're teaching her mom now! :) We had a conference call with the AP's and later attended correlation with the singles branch.

Sunday we had church and three random people we hadnt seen just show up out of the blue.  It was crazy good! :)  After church we ate lunch and had an appoitment with one of the guys who came to church.  His name is Jon, pronounced (yawn).  He is a really cool guy!

Today (p-day) we woke up, studied, worked out, ran and now we're e-mailing. That's about it!

Love you, Dad.  God be with you 'til we meet again!


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