Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Companion and a Non Stop Schedule!

A recent gathering at the mission home.  (L-R back row, Elder Christensen, (behind poster) Brock, and Elder Kirkham.  In the front, (L-R) Elder Johnson, about to be "baptized" and Elder Jensen, "the baptizer,"Brock's new companion from Provo, Utah.

Elder Jensen is my new comp!  We get along great! We're like best friends and all we do is have fun and work! :) He played high school football and is from Provo.
My week has been pretty busy,  I can tell you that for sure!  Tuesday I was with Elder Hepworth.  We went out and just did work like crazy!  We had a ton of stuff to do especially me with all the transfers!  I was out in La Pine working on missionary apartments and moving things around in our new truck! Then we had to jet back down to Bend for a few appointments with Jim who is a recent convert and another appointment with Mikey who got baptized last weekend! Later, we played basketball with a few members and some potential investigators, which was way fun! Then we changed back into our missionary attire and went to another appointment with Terry Johnson and her son Kelly.  They are awesome! She has been reading daily from the Book of Mormon and knows it's true.  We will set a date with her this week along with her son. They're awesome people! :)
Wednesday we got up worked out and did our studies. We headed out and found a lot of people who were interested and we have some return appointments with them this week.  I will let you know how they go. Then we met up with Marc and his wife Jessica.  Marc was super stoked because he went to the Duck's game that weekend.  (He is a huge Ducks fan!) That night we had dinner with Butch Roberts and his fam. He is a super cool guy and I love him to death! I also had correlation with the stake president here and then we were booked with lesssons for the night!

Thursday, finally Elder Jensen and I were reunited haha! We picked him up in Redmond that morning, came back, unpacked , had our planning session and then hit the pavement for work! We had a ton goin' on!  The  AP's came up and worked with us in our area and then we went with them to do a few things for the missionaries in La Pine.  The AP's stayed the night which was fun!

Friday we had district meeting and then our correlation meeting then we cleaned up the area books, inspected cars and did a few other mandatory things for the president.  We had a few lessons with Courtney and Emily Eberhart.  Emily's parents aren't members but are now investigating because of Emily's example and they're able to see that pure light in her life! We had a really good lesson!  That night we had our conference call with President, and the AP's were still at our place to stay the night again.  It was crazy!
Saturday we had a really good and productive day.  We cleaned out Abby, Mikey, and Alondra's garage! After we finished we came home, showered and then got to work!  We had splits with some people in the singles branch and did some finding.  It was pretty chill!  We had tons of cool things happen.  We taught a lot of our recent converts and visited several part member families.  Things are really going well.  We found the Baker familly and they're feeding us tomorrow.  They all want to be baptized so it will be cool!
Sunday we spent the day in Salem! Haha, we drove 3 hours to Salem for a baptism so Elder Jensen could baptize this guy named Tony! President and the assistants were there so it was cool to see everyone! :) Then we bounced back to Bend and went to some lessons with Brother Marsh, who is thee coolest guy ever! He played linebacker at OSU and is just a gaint! He and his wife are both converts and we had some bomb lessons! One was with Michelle who is a nanny and we really had an awesome lesson with her and another lesson with the Valles family!

Your son! :)

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