Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hippies and Clown Hair!

Elder Brock Bird

     Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Nelson.  We taught a 16 year old girl named Victoria Quesenbery.  Really cool.  She got baptized this week!  She was kind of nervous about everything so we just sat and talked with her and made sure baptism is what she wanted and she knew it was right! So obviously the lesson went pretty well.  Other than that, we just did some tracting and ran into some hippies! Haha!  I am so used to hippies they don't even stick out anymore. My life! One guy I thought legit had clown hair,but turned out, nope, it was real!
     Wednesday we taught Robin, a way sick guy.  We have worked with him for awhile.  He is turning his balcony into a ship! Haha!  It's for plays and theater type stuff.  We talked to him a little about the Plan of Salvation.  He said it totally made sense to him and that he was surprised how much he over thought it, but in reality it's so simple and not as complex as he made it out to be.  That was cool!  We also taught Haylee Odle.  She is a member and her husband isn't.  A really cute family!  Their little boy loves us.  He is really funny.  We just talked and got to know the husband.  We haven't really talked to him too much before but he really likes us and we have another appointment to see them again tomorrow, so it will be fun.  We also met up with Roy and his wife.  Roy has been reading and has really just opened up to the Gospel.  When we first started teaching him he didn't really believe in God but now he knows there is one for sure!  He said he knew deep down He was there all along.  "I just didn't open my heart to it because I was too stubborn," he said.   I asked him, "So why are you moving now?" Haha!  Unfortunately that was our last visit with them.  They moved to Utah, Cotton Wood Heights area this weekend!
President and Sister Young
     Thursday, boy was it a long day!  We had interviews with President Young from 8 to 5!  My interview went well.  I felt good when he talked about how impressed he was with me as a missionary, how I get people to open up, members or non members and how organized I am with running things in my district.  He is a really cool, very sincere guy!  We have a lot in common!
     Friday we had correlation and I had to prepare a talk for a fireside for the Eugene Stake! President asked me to go with him and talk.  Haha! Lucky me!  But it was fun!  I enjoyed it, but that was on Sunday!   In the meantime, we had a lesson with Qin Beavens from China.  We finished talking about baptism and the Holy Ghost.  She was funny, but it was a good lesson.  She is really loving the church, so it's been good.  We also helped the Leavits move.  They're the family whose kids I read stories to.  They left Friday.  We helped them finish packing the truck and they were off.  I'm gonna miss them! They are headed to Sandy, so who knows I might see them again! :)
Monica Bruin, a very
close friend who passed
away in June 2010.
     Saturday we went to Carolina's! She is an older woman who has brain cancer and she broke her leg so she can't do anything in her yard.  We went over there, taught her a lesson and then went to work!  It reminded me of when Monica (Bruin)would sit in her front yard in her wheel chair and watch me work in her yard! :)  It brought back some bittersweet memories.  I really miss her! I actually carry her funeral pamphlet around in my suit jacket along with a picture of the family :) We did that then hit the streets.  It was busy.  Afterwards we correlated with our ward mission leader.
     Sunday we had church plus several meetings.  We ate, tracted, visited people, and then I went to that fireside. Pretty interesting! I talked to the young single adults and the youth, a good experience! All in all that's my week!

Well dad, I love you. Hope all is well!
Your son!

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