Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Baptism And Getting The Saints Excited!

Pre-mission photo.  Brock is fast approaching
his one year mark!
     My week was alright! Very busy, and very stressful! Obviously the 4th we just chilled inside and kicked it!  Tuesday we did some finding and then we went on exchanges from Tuesday night to Wednesday night with my buddy Elder Johnson, the one who came out with me.  We had some pretty crazy times! Haha! Did a lot of finding but it was fun.
     Thursday we had a lot of work and visited some less actives.  One guy, named George and another guy named Rich.  George is this crazy old guy who wreaks of smoke and just throws out profanities, but it's kind of funny.  Rich is this old guy who is really sweet but he had a stroke awhile back and has just been recovering.  We're preparing him to receive the priesthood, so that's pretty cool.  We also visited Steve our recent convert.  He is struggling.  He moved out of his house and is getting his foot amputated, so it's been hard on him.  We just went over and talked with him and tried to help him but other than that we did some finding and went through the unbaptized childrens' list.  I also had correlation with the zone leaders that day to figure out some things for the zone and district.  It was pretty cool!  Elder Knight thought it was 7/11 and started tripping,  but in reality that was today and I still didn't get my free Slurpee! haha! Iam an idiot! Oh well!
     Friday we had district meeting.  It went pretty well.  I think we got some things figured out. After that we had lunch at Taco Bell! 
     We did some finding, just cruised around talking to people.  Some girl asked me for my number and to see if I wanted to go to a party with her at the U of O.  I just laughed and said,  Sorry, I am a missionary and I have a girlfriend!"  Everyone else laughed and started making fun of me!. 
     After lunch and our district "finding" we went back to our areas and worked there.  We had an appointment with Qin  Beavens, the one from China! It was a really good lesson.  She actually started to cry and said, "I know it's true!  I know it is!"  It was really cool and super peaceful! I just wanted to cry for her and her husband.  It was really cool!  Later we played some ping pong with them, and yes I freaking suck!
Elder Ryan Bruin (left) now serves in Argentina.  Brock
and Ryan grew up together.  Jake Roper (right) also serves
in Argentina but in a different mission.
Her son looks exactly how Ryan Bruin did when he was 5! haha! So funny! He's a little runt just like him too in every way possible! After that we went to our ward mission leader's house to finish our laundry.  We talked about things and what he did on his mission .:)  It was cool!
     Saturday we had a baptism! Her name is Marcy Shram.  I guess it technically wasn't our baptism but it was in our ward so we had put it all together.  The sisters actually taught her, but it was a good baptism! I don't know Marcy very well,  but I was happy for her.  We then had lunch and went to work!  We went through our ward list and are starting to visit families and kind of build the ward up to help them become more unified.  We don't fieel that everyone knows each other very well and that they're on their own, so we're just trying to bring the ward closer together.  We want to get to know the families too because we don't know many of them and noone seems to sign up for dinners. Haha! We did meet with a bunch of cool families, like the Hess's, Ferriers, and  Hendricksons!  We will visit more this week!
     We also had a lesson with Kathleen Wagner a single mother with 6 kids!   They're really cool and a super nice family!  Their kids are crazy for sure! Haha!  They were playing games with us and were all crazy and wild, except the one year old.  She would just sit in front of me, wave and just smile!  It was super cute.  But three of the kids want to get baptized so it will be really cool.  I am excited for them! :)
     Sunday we obviously had church as well as stake correlation!  Since I'm the DL I discussed the work with the stake presidency and it went very well!  President Young was there!  He's a super cool guy and I love him to death! It went well and president pulled me aside and told me I did a great job.
     We did some finding and had dinner with my favorite family the Leavitts!  Their daughter is the one who tucked me into bed and sang to me, haha! :) We had fun over there! Unfortunatly they are moving on friday to Sandy! My favorite family here moves to my home town! Haha! Great! Oh well!
     I love you dad!  I know you guys love me and want what's best for me.  I love you guys, I do! I am grateful for everything you have done for me. You guys are a blessing!

I love you!
Stay safe!

Love, Elder Bird

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