Sunday, September 12, 2010

MTC Highlights!

Three weeks at the MTC went by like a flash! Here are some of the highlights of Brock's experiences there:

August 5, 2010. (The first full day at the MTC)

"How's it going? I am completely fine! It is so weird to think I will be gone for two whole years!! When I was bored today I would reach for my phone to text someone or to see if anyone had text me. So that has been hard! But other than that I seem to be doing fine. I miss my bed, my room, my home, everyone I love!! But I know my reward will be great in the end."

Brock did say that he met up with several of his buddies including his high school friend Jake Roper.  Being with such good company made the transition to missionary life go that much smoother!

Elder Bird and Elder Jake Roper hook up at MTC!

August 7, 2010.

"I have met a lot of new friends! Elder Elledge is like my new best friend. He is from Hawaii and he will be serving in the Salt Lake City South Mission. So he will be out in Sandy in the mission home the 25th so keep a look outfor him. He is really cool. I told him to drop by if he ended up serving there and you would feed him. Haha!
It's crazy how strong the Spirit is here at the MTC. I love it! It really is so fun! I can't wait to get out to Oregon on the 25th! I gave my first Priesthood blessing. It was insane the rush of the Spirit was overwhelming! I loved it. Ha, I pray so much it's fun now! And my testimony has grown so much already!
I taught my first lesson today. It's pretty awesome. I love it! I am learning so much! And it's true!
I miss you mom. I look at my pocket watch everyday. Dad, I miss beating you up and golfing! Glad we went golfing before I left. I love the memories!"

Elder Elledge from Hawaii.  Brock's best MTC buddy.

August 10, 2010.

"It (the MTC experience) is so worth the spiritual growth in that amount of time. Love it! Yesterday I taught a man named Lee Jepperson who was abused by his dad and his mother was an alcoholic. It was so good to share our message. It's way fun to teach and just listen to the Spirit guide and direct us! We truly are vessels for Christ our Savior to speak through us so that we may help others with their salvation! I have all four lessons memorized along with all the Articles of Faith, and a billion scriptures! I never knew I could learn soooo much! But I guess that's what studying does to ya all day long! I am glad to be here!"

August 12, 2010

"Hey fam! Everything is going good here!
On P-day we went to the temple for a three-and-a-half hour session because the (movie) broke while we were in it. So we missed dinner and I was starved all night. But that's nothing compared to Jesus not eating. He fasted forever!
I want to tell everyone in the family I love them. You guys are great and mean the world to me. My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. Don't forget family scriptures.
This Gospel is true and I love it. Just as much as all of you!

August 14, 2010

Mom, I just want to tell you how much I love and appreciate all you do! I miss you and everyone lots!
The new game in the MTC is how many letter will Elder Bird get today. I have been averaging about 7 letters a day!
I am just a solo missionary bouncing around. But I just stick with Elders Elledge and Staker. It's way more fun with them!
I have learned a lot this week! My mind keeps expanding and our teachings are going great! I'm excited to hear about what else is going on back in Sandy. I love you all and hope everyone is doing alright!"

August 17, 2010

 Brock's Grandpa Bird Passes Away. Elder Bird Shares A Sacred Testimony.

Brock's Grandpa Dean Bird
"Hey guys! I am sad to hear about Grandpa Bird. I am going to miss him! I cried when I read the letter. He was such a great guy. But it gives me comfort knowing I will see him again. We just have to remember that this life is only temporary. The day before I received the letter from mom about him being sick I had a real strong spiritual prompting to pray for him out of nowhere. So when I read that I was shocked!"

Brock told us of a spirtual witness from the Holy Ghost that we can only share a portion of:

"I have never experienced the feelings I have felt in that moment my whole life! Ever since that has happened I have felt a strong undeniable presence within my presence. As I teach investigators I can't even explain. I do things and say things that I have had no knowledge of. For I know this Church is true. I will never doubt, deny or anything of that kind against the church. For I know Joseph saw Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. And I know that this Church is the only church on this earth that has the fulness of the Gospel and the Priesthood. I will magnify my calling as a missionary in every way. I will defend the Church and die knowing I will live again. I encourage all of you to get on your knees and pray to the Lord daily. Exercise your faith and your callings. for his return is near and we must be prepared!
I love you all and can't wait until we meet again. I am excited to get out to Oregon next week!"

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