Monday, June 11, 2012

It's A Small World, Sometimes!

On a mission it's rare to bump into someone you know from home. Brock had a wonderful encounter with his long time bishop who happened to be vacationing in Lincoln City.

Brock with his boyhood bishop Ted Hill and wife Becky on a deck overlooking the coast.  It was a random meeting!
Sunday we had meetings and church, and holy cow after sacrament I stand up and am walking around talking to people, I look over and I see my old bishop sitting there with his wife! :) It was awesome! Bishop Hill and his wife, Becky! :) I was so stoked so i just grabbed him and they were as shocked as I was! It was awesome to talk with them, and set up a time later in the day to go have dessert!

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  1. indy was wondering if Superman was going to be in the valley again before he went home for good?