Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hard Labor, A Labor of Love!

      Tuesday we went to Eugene for specialized training and we were there pretty much all day.  After that we headed home and only had a little time to visit a few people.
     Wednesday was pretty busy.  We did some finding in the morning.  We went and saw Troy and down and read with him.  He is doing awesome! His daughter was in town so we got to meet her, she was pretty chill.  We had a really good lesson with a new investigator we have been teaching.  Her name is Amber and she works at the school district as a councilor.   She grew up Lutheran and  has really struggled with a lot of the doctrine she grew up with and has  been looking for more! We  taught her about the Restoration and  answered a lot of her questions. It went really well.  She said  everything we taught her made complete sense and it's something that she really wants in her life, so we set a baptismal date with her for May 19th! :)   After that we had dinner with the Jacintos  Such a funny couple! I love them!  Brother Jacinto worked for NASA for a really long time and told us all these cool stories about every space launch.  He's writing a book about them all!   After dinner we saw a few people and read with the  Athertons. Everything is going really well there.  We moved Memory's baptismal date to May 12th,  so she is pretty stoked about it!

Myrtle Creek, Oregon.  A sample of the country Brock gets to see on the road.
Thursday morning we did some finding and then drove down to Myrtle Creek to go on exchanges with South Umpqua.  I was with Elder Ringer in my area.  We had a lesson with Brandon Waddell.  He is doing better,  just getting ready for the big day and the big surgery! He's kind of nervous about it.  Afterwards we went over to Troy's and talked with him and his brother.  They are hilarious. We dinner and then went over to the  Athertons to read with them! :)
     Friday we did some finding and ran into some pretty chill people who told us to come back, so that was good! We had a lesson with Sarah.  She is getting ready for her wedding and has a lot going on! She has been reading quite a bit from the Book of Mormon. Our lessons have gone really well and she is always excited when we come over.

Elder Bird was impressed with the green trees and rolling hills of Camas Valley, Oregon.

 After our lesson with her we exchanged back and then had to drive to Camas Valley for dinner, way out in the middle of the boonies, but it's really pretty over there, nothing but rolling hills of green tall trees! We read with the Athertons and the Van Ackers.  HaHa,  get those two families together and you're in for a treat.  They're pretty funny! We played some games with them and then went home and crashed.
     Saturday was a lot of hard work. We were at the Athertons cutting down trees, and ripping out fence all day.  It was 90 degrees.  I got fried.  We went over to the Simpson's house to see Wylie.  Patrick and his wife were so we just talked with them and then we all drove to Taco Time and ate. It was pretty fun!
     Sunday was just crazy! We had stake conference, then stake correlation, and lunch right after that. We had a lesson with Talati. He is doing really well, super stoked about his baptismal date and has been really busy with all the sports and stuff he and his brother are doing.  We had a great lesson. Sepha and Talati are so funny. We had another lesson with Amber. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she just loved it. It was a really good lesson and she is just so solid with everything! She has three dogs though and oh my gosh haha! One is a chihuahua,  like 3 months old, smallest thing I have seen, a black lab, and a toy poodle! The toy poodle just yaps and wants to play 24/7. It's a little black ball of energy haha!  It always gives us a laugh when we see it since it just runs around as fast as it can! haha! We had dinner with the Beckinhauers which is always fun.  Their 3 year old son is my little buddy.  He just folows me around and says the cutest things.  Jennifer, his mom said, "I have never seen him take to anyone the way he takes to you! Only his father and grandfather!" He is a cute kid! I love him! When we left there we had a lesson with Memory and that was our evening and week!
     Things here are going well. Signing up for classes this week! :)  I love you and will send pics next week! :)

Love you,

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