Sunday, March 4, 2012

For The Love Of The People

It is so amazing to see how service to the Lord brings about mighty changes.  In this case it is wonderful to see how Brock has become devoted to others and his genuine love for the people he teaches.

So, here's my week!Tuesday we had dinner and a lesson at the Athertons with Stephanie, who just got baptized and Memory who will get baptized in a few weeks.  Our lesson went really well.  Memory prayed, and she is super excited about her baptism coming up. Afterwards weWylie's house and had a lesson with him.  We're re-teaching him everything, and honestly we have seen such a huge difference in him in the way he comprehends things.  He picks them up and understands them so much quicker now! His mom said he is doing a lot better at controlling his emotions.  If you don't remember, Wylie is autistic.  But he is the coolest kid ever.  I have a deep love for that kid, for who he is and the things he goes through.  I told him his new name is Thee Man.  So whenever I see him I ask him what his name is and he says, Thee Man! Haha! because he is thee man!

Brock taking a break on the porch of his missionary pad in Winston.
Wednesday we did a lot of finding and it turned out good.  We met Troy Singleton who is a former investigator. He has had a really rough past, has spent most of his life in prison, but has turned his life around.  The funny thing is Elder Jensen (Brock's former companion) found him almost two years ago and has been taking lessons on and off. So we sat down with him and talked for a bit, about life and the Gospel and we set a return apointment for Friday! :)  We had another lesson with the Athertons and a really good lesson with Brandon Waddell who is getting baptized on the 10th.  He starts his chemotherapy on the 12th, so he is really excited to be baptized right before he goes in.  He has been reading and praying every night and he said it has made the biggest difference in his days.  He's just has more peace and comfort as he  gets ready for his bone marrow transplant. So it was exciting to hear that from Brandon!  We played basketball later that night.  A lot of people were there as well as some of our investigators so we had a good time running around.

Thursday we had our district meeting, lunch and correlation.  Then we jetted home for a lesson with Emilio who is doing really well.  He totally cracks me up. He always has to be doing something!  We taught him the Plan of Salvation and read with him. He came to church this weekend,  so we were stoked about that. We ate dinner and then had to drive all the way back to Roseburg to do some baptismal interviews with some kids.  They were super cute, haha.  I love interviewing kids because they say the darndest things, that's for sure.  Kids are just awesome! They're so funny all the time,  and there is never a dull moment.  We drove right back to Winston to have a lesson with the Athertons. The dad has been coming back to church and we're hoping to get him to baptize his daughter. He said it's something he wants to do, and were working with him to make that happen. Since he has been coming to church and  participating in lessons he has been pumped about the church!

Friday we had a lesson with Troy.  We taught the Gospel of Christ to him and set a date for the 24th of March.  He is really excited about it and really wants to get baptized.  He is a funny guy and we have really grown close to him.  We had a lesson with Brother Kehne and his wife. She is not a member and he just came back to church since I have been here.  The lesson went really well and his wife had a lot of questions for us.  We taught her the Restoration, and she said it totally makes sense how it all works.
Saturday was all planning and corelating.  We did our weekly planning session that took forever because we are so busy! We had our correlation with Elder Jensen (AP).  There is so much going on now and the ward is excited!
We have zone leader council on Friday in Eugene. Elder Holland will be there!  Just 14 missionaries and the Spirit in the company of an apostle.  Oh gosh! 

Love you, and hope all is well!

Love Brock

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