Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Miracle of Prayer!

Here's a shot with Brock and a couple of the elders in his zone while he was still in Bend.  We're still waiting for pictures
from his new area in Winston.  Elder Bird is great at putting his arms around elders to let them know he loves being around them. 

     Here's a quick update from Brock as he keeps the pace in Winston with Elder Cooper.  We're amazed and excited that the work continues without skipping a beat:
     "Elder Cooper and I are tearing it up in Winston. I enjoy meeting people and seeing how different they are. For the most part people are pretty nice here and we have some great conversations."

      "We had a lesson with Stephanie. She is doing really well and is excited for her baptism! We have grown really close with that family. They have had their struggles but they are so happy when we come over. Honestly it's just such a blessing to really see the difference the Lord makes in people's lives. After that, we went to the Wylies house to teach their son. He is such a remarkable kid! Only 12 and has autism, but he's very bright. It's so cool to see how he interacts with us. He is an awesome kid!"

    It looks like Elder Bird and Elder Cooper are teaching quite a few people who are getting close to baptism. Here's another experience:
  "We had a lesson with Marie and she is doing great. We read and talked about the importance of prayer and how much we need it in our lives! We all knelt and she prayed. It was so awesome to see her pray for the first time. She just looked so happy and peaceful! :)"
"Things are going really well. Elder Cooper and I are working hard and having fun! My testimony is growing so much!"

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