Monday, December 12, 2011

Meet The New Members!

     Back on Thanksgiving weekend, Elder Bird and Elder Lyon had the wonderful experience of taking part in the baptisms of several people they've been teaching.  Brock says he has a deep love for these families who have embraced the Gospel.  Here they are:

The Baker family.  Thomas and Romey were baptized on Saturday
November 26th.

Elder Lyon and Elder Bird with Branson Wiley, who was
also baptized on Saturday.

And Jodi Bohons was baptized the next day, on Sunday November
26th  right after church. 

       Brock described the incredible weekend:
    After lunch we filled the font and got everything ready.  Typed up the programs and printed them and set everything up.  We had the baptism for Thomas and Romey Baker at 4pm and then we had Branson Wiley's an hour later.  It was crazy, but the kind of crazy you would want to have everyday!    
     Sunday we had church and another baptism! Jodi Bohon's and it was awesome!

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