Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Makin' It Through The Maze!

What an awesome view!  This is Bend as seen from Elder Bird's balcony!

It's P-day and I just barely came off the mountain to e-mail you (after mountain biking). I am still covered in dirt!     
Elder Bird and Elder Hill on a P-day mountain bike ride in
the mountains near Bend.
      My week has been really crazy!  Super busy meeting with all our investigators.  Friday we had our ward Halloween party which was fun for all of our investigators.  All the kids did their "Trunker Treat." They were all cute and dressed up. 
      Jodi Bohon came to the "Trunker Treat." She is so ready to be baptized.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation on Friday and went really well.  Jon also came and we have met with him  throughout the week to answer his questions.  His date is set for the 19th of November. He is really stoked.  The Millers are doing really well.  They are get baptized this weekend. It's so awesome to see a family really come together and see the change in their lives as they attend church and have that unity they haven't had before! They are really excited.  
     The Wakemans are doing really well.  They love having us over to teach them and their boys, who are real hoot, haha! The mom really opened up to us and  let everything out, but the Gospel has been really good for her since she knows it's helping her with what's she going through. It's been good to help her in any way we can because they are a really cool family!

Elders Bird, Lyon and Hill with investigator Mikey
and another friend identified as Pimentel at the corn maze.
     Saturday, we went to a corn maze with the singles branch.  Michelle and Charlie Bot came and are doing well.  Michelle just got home from Hawaii so she has been busy!  So we did that in the morning and then we had a correlation meeting with the AP's about our work and how it's progressing.  The zone is doing really well, better than it had been doing in the past!  Later that night our singles ward did a haunted house. It actually wasn't bad, haha, kinda funny but, hey they tried!  We met with Terry and Kelly Johnson who are getting baptized on the 19th. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and it was really well.  They loved it and are ready to move forward!  After that we met with the Orsillos and it went well too. We will set a date with them this next week!

     Sunday we had a lesson with Abby, Mikey, and Alondra!  They are doing really well and plan to move to Sandy around the same time I get home! :) haha! That will be cool!

Here's an added photo of Elder Bird and his last companion Elder Jensen who was
just transferred to be one of President Young's assistants.  Brock
says he and Elder Jensen developed a special bond as
zone leaders and hated to see him leave Bend.

Love you hope all is well!
Love, Brock

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